Page last updated 13/04/21

Covid - 19 policies and procedures 

The salon is now back open! All clients that had an appointment in Jan/Feb/March should have now been rearranged. If you are a new client and would like an appointment then please contact us.

What to expect from your visit to the salon

If you have any queries or questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us


Please DO NOT come to the salon if you develop any symptoms that may suggest you have the virus or if you have been in contact with anyone that has had it or may have it. See NHS website below for more info:

Upon salon arrival - please read in full

Please read the following information carefully. We need to have these procedures in place to ensure that social distancing is adhered to within the salon.

- Face masks to be worn at all times. Facemasks provided upon arrival.


- Please arrive on time for your appointment. Please do not arrive any earlier than a few minutes. And please do not be late, This is very important, we have to stick to strict timings to ensure that the salon doesn’t have too many people in at one time. If you arrive late then this runs into the next persons slot so we may have to shorten your appointment. If you’re too early and your stylist hasn’t finished with their previous client then you will be asked to wait outside until that client has left. We will be running a ‘one in/one out system’

- Please come alone to your appointment, we can only allow a certain amount of people in the building at one time. Unfortunately this also means no children/babies

- Please do not no - show for your appointment. We have already taken a financial hit as a business and as individuals. We can't take as many bookings as we would usually so please let us know if you cannot make your appointment. (48 hours notice required)

- No walk in appointments, scheduled appointments only

- Hand sanitiser will be provided and will be by the front door, we kindly ask that you use this upon arrival 

- We no longer have a waiting area so please don’t be alarmed if the salon looks slightly different, we have moved things around/spread out to ensure that we can adhere to social distancing guidelines

As we have no waiting area, please stand at reception and wait to be seated. Your stylist will bring you straight over to their styling station

- All stylists will be wearing the correct PPE and facemasks at all times. Changed when needed/after each client

- If you would like to purchase a product then please let your stylist know and we will bag your products up safely. If you would like to look at our products then please wear gloves

- Reception area will only be used for taking payment, any future appointments are to be made whilst you’re still sat in your styling chair. All stylists have access to the diary on their phone so they will be able to do this for you. This is to avoid too many people at reception at one time/too many people moving around the salon


Added ppe charge

We will be supplying PPE such as facemasks, gloves and hand sanitiser. All clients will be charged for this. £2 for cuts/blow drys and £3 for colour clients. The charges don't apply to children under 16. It is to cover the cost of all the extra gloves we need to wear as stylists, facemasks, extra washing of towels and gowns, hand sanitiser, cleaning products provided, professional cleaning of the salon, disposable towels and cups etc. Thank you for understanding.


Additional charges may apply

Please speak to your stylist if you would like to discuss prices. If you have extra long roots due to lockdown then there may be a small additional charge. When roots are longer than usual this means that we need to use more product to cover them. This doesn't apply to every colour service.

What we're doing in salon to keep safe

All stylists have undertaken an online barbicide certification. This is to ensure that we are up to date on salon hygiene procedures

We are no longer double booking our clients. This means another financial hit, but we have a responsibility to adhere to strict self distancing guidelines

No double bookings means that each stylist will only have one client in at a time

This means that we can spread out in the salon so that clients will not be sat close to each other and stylists can still socially distance from each other

We have removed our waiting area and we have added an extra styling station. This enables us to spread out even more

There will be markings on the floor to ensure safe distance is kept

We are booking out extra time for each client and we will also be booking a further 15 minutes after each appointment. This 15 minutes will be used as a changeover time to get ready for our next appointment. We will be using this time to sanitise our areas e.g. chairs/shelfs and tools such as combs etc

We will be wearing face masks at all time and appropriate PPE where necessary

We now have a QR code poster in the salon that you can scan with your covid - 19 app. This is for the 'track and trace' system