About Us

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Mirror Hair Design was set up in January 2017 by Theresa and her daughter Amy. Having already worked together for a few years, they felt like this was a good time to do their own thing. Theresa and Amy now work along side four other dedicated stylists, Trina, Donna, Laura and Alice.


Hair care and education are really important to us. Its important for us to help our clients find the right hair colours and styles for them. But it is also important that our clients are able to maintain these styles at home. We understand that as hairdressers, it is part of our role to keep up with recent trends and techniques. We believe that training should never stop.

Attention to detail is everything.


We chose to work with Keune Hair Cosmetics as we were all familiar with the brand and we all love it! We believe in the products and they are really affordable. Keune are always striving to improve their products, we think this is important to keep up with the times and different trends. Keune was founded in 1922 by pharmacist Jan Keune. 95 years on and Keune is still a family run business.

Some of the reasons we love to work with Keune

- Keune do not test their products on animals

- Keune have a vegan range of colours and products available

- In the Keune factory, there is a dedicated area in which they only offer employment to people with special needs or disabilities

- Keune cares about the planet, they save energy, reduce water waste and use natural lighting when possible

- Still a family run business after 95 years

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